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Practice Areas

Business Law

For small, local businesses, we can help you form and structure your business, negotiate and draft contracts, develop policies and procedures, manage human resource issues, comply with government regulations, respond to government agencies, litigate claims, and address just about any legal issue that may arise.


Child custody cases are often the most difficult and emotionally charged aspect of family law cases. If you are contemplating the end of a relationship that involves minor children or you need to establish or modify a child custody order or informal arrangement, we have the experience to fight for your rights.


We understand the legal, emotional, and financial implications of a divorce, and work with clients in traditional (male/female) and same-sex marriages. Whether both parties agree to the divorce or not, we understand the legal framework to guide you through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Election Law*

Elections are the bases of our society in the United States. From getting on the ballot, to challenging other potential candidates to counting all write-in votes, we are experienced at both the local and state level.

Estate Planning

We will work with you and your financial advisor to develop an estate plans that carries out your wishes and protects your business or farm and other assets from taxes to the greatest extent possible. We also work with executors and personal representatives to efficiently and cost-effectively administer estates and trusts.


We handle a broad range of civil litigation matters including, but not limited to, commercial, contract, employment, real estate, landlord-tenant, negligence, personal injury, and environmental litigation.

*Democratic Candidates only